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Production process and characteristics of stainless steel seamless pipe and welded pipe

There are two main types of stainless steel pipes, which are stainless steel seamless pipes and stainless steel welded pipes. It is known by the name that the former has no weld seam, the latter is mainly welded and formed, and their specific production process differences and their respective characteristics are described below.
Stainless steel seamless pipe
The stainless steel seamless pipe is simply a kind of long strip of stainless steel which is hollow inside the pipe and has no seams around the body. The manufacturing process sequence is smelting, ingot, rolling, sawing, peeling, perforating, annealing, pickling, up ash, cold drawing, cutting, pickling and warehousing.
The features of the seamless steel pipe have three main aspects. From the process point of view, on the one hand is the seamless steel pipe wall is thicker, its economy and practicability is high, wall thickness of the thinner the processing cost is higher; on the other hand is the production process to determine the limitations with seamless stainless steel pipes, seamless steel pipe, the accuracy is generally low: the thickness of the pipe wall will not even, inside and outside of the pipe surface brightness is lower, the high cost of fixed length, and sometimes on the inside and outside surface black spots difficult to remove; besides detection and shaping of stainless steel seamless pipes must be processed offline. So only in high pressure, high strength, mechanical structural treatment to fully reflect the advantages of seamless steel pipe.
Stainless steel welded pipe
Stainless steel welded pipe can be called welded pipe. It is a stainless steel pipe which is formed by using stainless steel plate or with the curling of the machine and mould.
The production process sequence is stainless steel plate, strip, molding, welding, induction bright heat treatment, internal and external weld treatment, shaping, sizing, eddy current testing, laser diameter measurement, pickling and storage.
There are two main features of the welded stainless steel pipe. On the one hand, its production mode is continuous online production. The thicker the wall is, the higher the investment will be for the unit and the melting equipment. The more economical and practical it will be, the more discount it will bring. The smaller the wall thickness of stainless steel welded pipe, the lower the input-output ratio. On the other hand, the advantages and disadvantages of the stainless steel welded pipe will be greatly influenced by the technology. The ordinary welded steel pipe has high accuracy, uniform wall thickness, high brightness inside and outside the pipe, and it can also arbitrarily measure the size. Therefore, the welded pipe stainless steel pipe has better beauty and economy in the application of high precision, medium and low pressure fluid.
Source: China Stainless Steel Welded Pipe Manufacturer – Yaang Pipe Industry Co., Limited (www.yaang.com)

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