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The product line of socket weld pipe fitting

Socket weld pipe fitting is an important branch of high pressure pipe fittings, in mechanical, chemical, petroleum, construction and other industries play an important role and value, socket weld pipe fitting with different varieties and function, different types of pipe plays a different role, their use range and the use of the environment is also different. In the United States has a long history, the earliest origin, at present our country’s technology relative to the western developed countries is still relatively backward, want to reach the international advanced level must also strengthen the production technology and the introduction of advanced production equipment.
Socket weld pipe fitting is smaller shape product using a small forging hydraulic press by repeated forging can produce qualified blank. Bearing the pipe blank dimensions and machining residual value is designed by the research and development personnel according to the actual situation and habit selected, refer to the relevant standards. Socket weld pipe fitting pieces of parting surface to add some draft Angle, so that the socket weld pipe fitting can smoothly take out from the mold cavity after stamping. Factors affecting the draft Angle design is more, can adopt the method of combining the automatic design and interactive selection dial mode slope value is determined. Usually, outside take 8 degrees slope, slope within 12 degrees.
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