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The process standards and regulations of pipe bends

As to what is currently the regulated industry fast development today, in your way of life and work, can be seen in a multitude of locations the Pipe bends, the electric power, petroleum, Marine, chemical industry along with other fields of application is quite extensive, mainly used in oil, gas, fluids, etc., on aircraft and it is engines more occupies an essential position. In these a crucial use cases, standards and regulations from the bending process is essential. Below small make-up will tell you something about Pipe bends process regulations and standards.

First, all pipe bends must be in accordance with relevant standards and regulations processing (bend to horizontal flat vertical, span and spacing should comply with the requirements of the specification). It doesn’t matter what kind of height are not in a position to bend processing to seem unstable condition.

Second, pipe processing material must be qualified through inspection, deformation, crack defects like pipe bends rack pole, fittings and fasteners, is strictly prohibited bend fasteners, fittings may repair welding means.

Third, pipe bend‘s surface must level off, the ramming, solid, the metal substrate must level off, shall have no deformation, the ground is soft and sweeping rod or plate can be used to raise the bearing surface while increasing stability.

Fourth, springboard have to be laid about the bend and tidy, width, length should be consistent (except for special parts). Any springboard must be fixed tightly around the bend, platform surface should not have larger holes (except for special parts).

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