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Pipe reducers

Pipe reducers

Pipe reducers be applied, to change from pipe diameter in one direction. Standard there are 2 possibilities, the concentric reducer, is usually used in vertical pipe lines, and the eccentric reducer that is used in horizontal pipe lines.


Reducer is a kind of fitting that be used for reducing piping size. Concentric reducer is most commonly used and often eccentric reducer used in piping in about pump and pipe rack area.

Length of reducers

The length of a Reducer is very short in relation to the diameter, so in some dimensions the transition from one to another diameter is very abruptly. For example, a reducer 6″ x 2½” has a length of 140 mm. On this short distance a pipeline will be reduced from 168.3 mm O.D. to 73 mm O.D. During the design phase of a new pipe system, a piping designer certainly must think about it.


Length of reducers

For wall thickness less than 3 mm, the reducers are supplied with plain weld ends. Larger thicknesses are supplied with the weld bevel of 37 ½°±2 ½°.Weld Preparation

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