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Reducing forming technology of high pressure reducer

The tube is placed in the forming die with the same diameter as the large diameter of the high pressure reducer, and the metal is moved and contracted along the mold cavity by pressing in the axial direction of the tube. ...

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The characteristics and problems of the manufacturing process of stainless steel pipe bend

According to the manufacturing method, the stainless steel pipe bend can be divided into three kinds, namely, the simmer bend pipe, the stamping bend pipe and the welding bend pipe. Among them, the simmer bend can be divided into two ...

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Introduction of stainless steel ball valve

Stainless steel applications are many and miscellaneous, which can be described in various fields. This article is concerned with the application of one of the stainless steel ball valve. The principle is to use the rotary valve to make the ...

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Introduction of surface treatment process of stainless steel plate

The surface treatment process of the common stainless steel plate mainly consists of three aspects: the surface whitening treatment, the surface mirror bright treatment and the surface coloring treatment.   Whitening treatment of stainless steel plate’s surface The surface of ...

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Flange type fixed ball valve

Flange type fixed ball valve is more suitable for industrial grade stainless steel application than ordinary stainless steel ball valve. Now, the stainless steel ball valve for the industry, mainly natural gas, chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, and other industries and contain ...

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The manufacturing process of stainless steel pipe fittings

The basic machining process of stainless steel pipe fittings is mainly composed of blanking, forming (welding), heat treatment, surface treatment, cutting processing, nondestructive testing, surface protection and marking.   Blanking The processing materials of stainless steel pipe fittings are usually stainless ...

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How to clean the stainless steel elbow

Usually when the stainless steel elbow rust, usually with a special cleaning agent for cleaning rust. And in daily use should also be more cleaning. Such as stainless steel elbow, surface dust or easy to remove stains, it should be ...

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How to judge the quality of stainless steel pipe fittings?

Now the stainless steel pipe fittings also have a lot of products, in the face of such a situation we want to identify the true and false stainless steel fittings, and now you can use some chemical syrup to identify ...

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Advantages of 316l electromagnetic valve

Electromagnetic valve of many kinds of materials, divided into brass, cast steel and stainless steel. This paper mainly introduces the electromagnetic valve of stainless steel material, which is mainly made of 316L stainless steel in daily life, sometimes called the ...

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The thermal stress produced when machining a stainless steel head

Stainless steel head due to the surface and the heart of the cooling rate and time of the inconsistency, thermal stress. Stainless steel head under the action of thermal stress to make the workpiece surface pressure and the heart of the ...

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