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How to make the pipe fittings more resistant?

When a piping project not works well, the steel pipes and pipe fittings are always facing the wear resistant problem ,especially when some impurity, sands,slurry in the flowing liquid .  Some technical measures should be taken to reduce wear and tear about pipe and fittings .

1.We should assess the liquid condition when choose the steel material of the pipe fittings . Should we use the common steel material?  or the wear resistant steel ? or should we arrange the wear resistant coating or lining materials? cement lining or ceramic lining?

2. The special treatment for pipes or pipe fittings. For example , the steel elbows. The outer radius of the elbow is grinded most seriously,  we can add some thickness to this part of the elbows.  This is also happened to other pipe fittings, like tees , reducers.

3. To the steel pipes , concentric reducers and caps ,  they can rotate in any degree and piping system . When they are in the horizontal direction ,  due to wear of the maximum bottom, on both sides, followed by the top of the minimum, therefore, the pipes an fittings could periodically inverted, it will extend the life of the piping system .

4.The position, direction and the angle of the pipe fittings also will effect the abrasion situation . If the position is not suitable , the flowing liquid will cause cavitation. 

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