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Performance difference between 304 and 304L stainless steel

304 stainless steel is the most widely used austenitic stainless steel, and it is also called 18-8 stainless steel, because this kind of stainless steel contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel.
304 physical properties of stainless steel:
Density: 0.803g / cm 3
Resistivity: 72microhm-cm (20 C)
Specific heat: 0.50kJ / kg-K (0-100 C)
Thermal conductivity: 16.2 W / MK (100 degree C)
Modulus of elasticity (MPa): 193 * 103 tension
Melting point range: 2550-2650 degree F (1399-1454 C)

Type 304 and 304L Stainless Steel Composition

Element Type 304 (%) Type 304L (%)
Carbon 0.08 max. 0.03 max.
Manganese 2.00 max. 2.00 max.
Phosphorus 0.045 max. 0.045 max.
Sulfur 0.03 max. 0.03 max.
Silicon 0.75 max. 0.75 max.
Chromium 18.00-20.00 18.00-20.00
Nickel 8.00-12.00 8.00-12.00
Nitrogen 0.10 max. 0.10 max.
Iron Balance Balance

304 stainless steel has good forming and welding properties, and has strong corrosion resistance and strength. It also has very good plotting. It can generate various shapes, contrary to 302 stainless steel, and can be used without annealing.

304 the common uses of stainless steel are in the food industry. It is ideal for brewing, milk processing and wine making, as well as for pipes, yeast pots, fermentor and storage tanks.
304 stainless steel can also be found in cooking utensils such as flume, countertops, coffee pots, fridges, stoves and appliances. It can withstand corrosion caused by various chemicals in fruits, meats and milk. Other areas of use include construction, chemical containers, heat exchangers, mining equipment, marine nuts, bolts and screws. 304 stainless steel is also used in mining and water filtration systems and dyeing industries.
304L stainless steel is an ultra-low carbon version of 304 stainless steel alloy. The lower carbon content in 304L stainless steel can reduce the harmful carbide precipitation due to welding. Therefore, 304L stainless steel can be welded in a harsh corrosive environment without annealing.
The mechanical properties of 304L stainless steel are slightly lower than that of standard 304 stainless steel, but because of its versatile nature, this type of stainless steel is also widely used. Like 304 stainless steel, it is usually used in beer brewing and wine making, and also applies to other uses outside the food industry, such as chemical containers, mining and construction. It applies to metal parts, such as nuts and bolts exposed to brine.
Source: China Stainless Steel Pipes Manufacturer – Yaang Pipe Industry Co., Limited (www.yaang.com)

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