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Outokumpu’s lean duplexes receive national technical approval in Germany

Outokumpu’s lean duplex grades LDX 2101 and LDX 2404 just recently received general approval AbZ (Allgemeine bauaufsichtliche Zulassung) by the German national building authority DIBt (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik).

This approval designed for the building industry means that manufacturers of building and construction components can use lean duplex grades and utilize their benefits without applying for a specific approval for the manufactured component.

LDX 2101 and 2404 are Outokumpu’s proprietary grades, developed in the Group’s research center in Avesta, Sweden. The benefits of lean duplex include excellent mechanical properties, corrosion resistance as well as cost competitiveness.

The approval covers lean duplex coil and plate products up to and including 30 mm thickness and bar products up to and including 40 mm diameter as well as all components manufactured from these materials.

Mr Thomas Kirchhartz Technical Sales Manager at Outokumpu said taht “This is an important milestone for the use of lean duplexes in building and construction, where lean duplexes have additional benefits. Leaner alloying together with added strength ensures highest value for money for our customers. Having our LDX grades included in the AbZ that in Germany is still considered superior to comparable European standards will certainly be noticed also in neighboring countries.”

Source – Strategic Research Institute


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