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Operation process of stainless steel mirror polishing process

The polishing process of stainless steel
mirror surface mainly consists of two main processes: grinding and light out.
The following are the respective operation steps.


The goal of grinding the stainless steel
welded pipe fitting
is to remove the solder joints, to achieve the surface
roughness of the R10um pipe fitting, so as to make the preparation process for
the light out. Grinding mainly consists of three sub processes, namely, coarse
grinding, semi fine grinding and fine grinding.

In the grinding before the visual
inspection of the pipe fitting into the polishing process on the road, see
there is no leaking welding, weld welding, solder joint depth is not uniform,
too far, deviate from the joint local depression, docking is uneven, whether
deep scratches, bumps, serious deformation of the defects in this process
cannot be remedied, if any the above defects are to return to the previous
process of dressing. If there is no above defect, it begins to enter the
polishing process.

The first is the coarse grinding, the use
of 600# belt on the three side from the grinding tube, leaving the goal is to
eliminate welding of stainless steel pipe fitting, and produced in the step in
the process to weld fillet bumps, preliminary molding, horizontal and vertical
surface with no big scratches and no bumps, after the process of stainless
steel surface. Roughness can reach R0.8mm. It is important to pay attention to
the inclination angle of the belt machine and the control of the pressure of
the belt machine on the pipe fitting. It is usually more suitable to be a
straight line with a thrown face.

The second is the semi fine grinding method
using 800# belt in front of pipe fittings from grinding grinding three surface,
is mainly to the former procedure the joint and the improvement on the
formation of coarse grinding and fine grinding marks further, on the front left
prints requires repeated grinding process, no scratches to the surface of the
pipe fitting. Basic light. The surface roughness of this process can be reached
to R0.4mm.

It is important to note that no new
scratches are produced at this time, because there is no way to repair the
defect in the subsequent process.

Then the fine grinding is used, and the
1000# sand belt is used to modify the fine lines that appear in the front
process, and the grinding method is the same as the seminal grinding. The goal
is to disconnect the grinding part and the pipe fitting part. The surface of the
pipe fitting is further bright. After the grinding process, the surface of the
pipe fitting is basically close to the mirror effect, and the surface roughness
of the pipe fitting should reach R0.1mm.

Light out part

The purpose of the production process is to
make the stainless steel made in the grinding process to make the mirror out of
the mirror, and to achieve the mirror purpose. Including the waxing and
polishing process of road two.

Before the same is to visually check is a
stainless steel pipe fitting, no leakage, all polished to 1000# solder joints
do not completely polished, coarse grinding marks, protective film, and the
serious damage is too large, excessive grinding, rounded ends, uneven grinding
grinding is serious in some places such as a deep shallow in the process not
light in the repair, if there is to return to grinding or repair.

The first mirror waxing, using high speed
motor drive with wool wheel, with Daqing wax mirror polished, the purpose is to
through the pipe fitting in front of several processes of polishing after
completion of the mirror polishing, without further grinding. It is important
to do not rub the wax onto the cover film on the surface of the tube, and do
not destroy the cover.

Next is polishing. It’s the last process of
mirror polishing. It uses clean cotton wheel to rub, wipe or even polish on the
surface of the pipe fitting after waxing. The goal is to make the stainless
steel tube surface not recognize the welding trace, and polish the tubes that
are waxed and polished, and the brightness reaches the mirror reflection
effect. And the parts which are thrown by pipe fittings and the parts that are
not thrown away can not be distinguished from each other, so as to achieve the
full mirror effect.

Source: China Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings
– Yaang pipe fitting Industry Co., Limited (www.yaang.com)

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