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North American crude steel output declined 3.2% in June 2014

According to the recent data published by the World Steel Association, the crude steel production by North American countries dropped by 3.2% month-on-month during June 2014.

The total crude steel production by Canada during June this year was 1.010 Mt, lower than the May ‘14 production of 1.040 Mt by 2.88%. The US produced 7.228 Million tonnes of crude steel, down 3.25% when compared to 7.471 Million tonnes production achieved during the previous month. The total crude steel production by Mexico too witnessed a fall of 3.04% from 1.547 Mt in May 1.500 Mt in June this year.
The Cuban crude steel production remained flat over the previous month at 25,000 tonnes. The crude steel output by El Salvador was 10,000 tonnes in June this year, surging higher by 11.1%. The country’s crude steel output during May this year was 9,000 tonnes. Guatemala’s crude steel output remained unchanged at 30,000 tonnes during the month. The crude steel output by Trinidad & Tobago dropped 2.17% in June this year to 45,000 tonnes from 46,000 tonnes during the month priour to it.
The cumulative crude steel output for the first six months in 2014 of various countries( in thousand tonnes) in the region are as follows:- Canada(6,067), Cuba (140), El Salvador (53), Gautemala (170), Mexico (9,503), Trinidad & Tobago (276) and the US (43,494).

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