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North American Aluminum scrap prices edged higher

The North American Aluminum scrap prices ended marginally higher on ScrapMonster Price Index as on June 9th, Monday.

1100 Scrap prices moved higher by $0.01 per Lb. The prices of 3003 Scrap too increased $0.01 per Lb. A similar up move of $0.01 per Lb was witnessed in 356 Aluminum Wheels, 5052 Scrap, 6061 Extrusions, 6063 Extrusions and 6063 Extrusions/Fe.

The prices of Al/Cu Radiators and Al/Cu Radiators/Fe remained unchanged. The prices of Aluminum Radiators and Aluminum Radiators/Fe moved higher by $0.01 per Lb each. Aluminum Transformer prices remained unchanged at $0.26 per Lb on 9th June.

Breakage 50% Recovery prices too remained flat.

Chrome Wheels, E.C Aluminum Wire, Litho Sheets and Mixed Aluminum Turnings prices witnessed a rise of $0.01 per Lb each.

The prices of MLC Clips, Old Cast and Old Aluminum Sheet too increased by $0.01 per Lb.

Painted Siding, UBC and Zorba 90% NF prices too saw a jump of $0.01 per Lb each.

Source: Scrap Monster


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