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US Mint October Gold, Silver coins sales up

United States Mint sales of gold coins were strong during October. As per latest figures from Mint’s website, the sales of American Eagle gold coins, which account for the bulk of the activity, were 67,500 ounces. 

According to Commerzbank, this was the highest since January, with buying interest picking up noticeably in recent days and with gold investors using the low price level as a good entry opportunity. The Mint also sold 21,000 ounces of Buffalo coins, also the most since January. 

According to Barclays, the retail interest as strong for the month, with the combined Buffalo-Eagle total also the highest since January. However, full-year 2014 sales look like they will be short of 2013. US gold coin sales have reached 599koz, versus full-year 2013 sales of 1.1Moz.

Meanwhile, the Mint reports selling 5.79 million ounces of American Eagle silver coins last month, the most so far in 2014 and the highest since January 2013.


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