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Mexico to grant automatic steel import notices

To maintain controls on imports of steel products and to avoid triangulation or entry under unfair practices, the Mexican Ministry of Economy has started granting automatic import notices.

The decision will apply to the approximately 9 million tons of steel annually imported into Mexico; according to INEGI and the National Chamber of Iron and Steel Industry, in 2012 Mexico imported 9.6 million tonnes of steel at a value of USD 11.692 billion, while in 2013 the entry of steel products reached 8.3 million tonnes with a value of USD 10.158 billion.

According to the Official Journal of the Federation, the agreement amends the diverse SE rules and general criteria in foreign trade with simplified requirements for automatic notices of import steel products.

Some requirements such as notifying the country of origin of goods are maintained through a mill certificate the document that specifies the steel plant and location of the producer are still required. They will also provide details of the manufacturer, such as name, address, phone and email, shipment number and page number.

In addition to product description, the notices will include the type of steel, finished product identification key according to the international standard, percentage of chemical composition, product presentation and size among other things.

This situation exists because Mexican industrialistsh have for several years asked for controls to prevent unfair import practices, such as triangulation and subsidized steel entrance mostly from Russia, Ukraine and other Asian countries that increasingly declare false origin.

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