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Five methods for processing seamless pipe bend

There are many kinds of processing methods in seamless pipe bend production, let me introduce the fifth processing methods commonly used:
Method: 1 stamping seamless elbow in production in the press by a core with a taper pipe expanding to the required size and shape.
2. Forging method: seamless pipe bend production by swaging machine will be at the end of the pipe or part shall be rushed out to the outer, commonly used swaging machine with rotary, connecting rod type, roller type.
3 rolling method: seamless elbows in production generally do not have the core shaft, suitable for thick wall pipe inside round edge. In the tube placement, peripheral roller push for circular edge processing.
4. Abscesses: seamless pipe bend in the production of a is placed in the inner tube rubber and above to punch the compression, the tube bulge forming; another method is hydraulic bulge forming, in the middle tube filled with liquid, liquid pressure to the pipe drum into the required shape, the bellows of production with the most is the method.
bending forming method: seamless pipe bend production with three methods commonly used, a kind of method that extend method, another method called stamping method, the three roller method, 3 – 4 and, two fixed roller, an adjusting and, adjust roller is fixed from finished pipe is bent.
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