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Various methods of cutting stainless steel pipes

Although the stainless steel pipe is a hard-to-cut metal material, the material is not very strong, and it is also sticky. The main cutting chips are also easy to stick to the tool, so it is classified as a hard-to-cut material. Here are the effects of several common cutting methods on the cutting of stainless steel pipes.
First, under the flame cutting, this is not a very good method, because the stainless steel pipe port will certainly change color when cutting, chromium oxide nickel stainless steel oxide melting point is higher than the melting point of the material itself, so it is best not to use oxygen cutting .
Let’s take a look at the carbon arc gouging. This method actually uses a graphite rod or an arc generated between a carbon rod and a workpiece to melt the metal and blow it off with compressed air to achieve processing of the grooves on the surface of the stainless steel pipe. method. However, carbon arcs produce smoke, dust, and arc radiation. The inner wall of the stainless steel pipe is easily accompanied by a large amount of melted and cooled metal residue, which is difficult to remove.
The wire cutting method, this method can meet the incision quality requirements. However, it should be noted that the stainless steel pipe will change its color after it is cut, and it must be polished and polished. The processing speed is very slow, and production hours can be used.
The grinding wheel cutting machine uses ordinary grinding wheel cutting machine to leave burrs and hanging flashes after cutting. It can be used with the automatic stainless steel pipe-side burr removal machine. It can achieve very good use effect and the cost is very low. However, it will consume a large amount of abrasive discs, and it is also suitable for use when the batch size is small.
Automatic meter lathes are specifically designed for cutting extremely thin-walled stainless steel pipes. The use of high-quality white steel or steel cutters is recommended. Although the equipment is expensive to purchase, it is very durable and its cutting surface is very smooth. This mode of automation is very low, and the labor intensity will be relatively large. The efficiency of automated conversion of instrument lathes or automatic lathes will also increase significantly, but there is the problem of inconvenience of rotation of ultra-length steel pipes.
The automatic steel pipe rotary cutter is similar to the automatic instrument lathe, but the tool is rotated and fed, and the pipe material does not move, which solves the inconvenience caused by the rotation of the ultra-length steel pipe. Two cutters can be used to cut at the same time to achieve a knife cut, while the other knife to correct the steel section. The processing efficiency is very high. The use of carbide tools makes the grinding tools very convenient. The grinder can be sharpened on ordinary grinding machines, and the durability of the tools is also relatively high. Automatically realizes functions such as feeding, sizing, clamping, tool feed, and release of the steel pipe, and can be automatically cycled.
The cutting method of the metal circular saw method is good, and it can achieve multiple cutting at the same time, but the chips are easy to stick to the cutting tool. Use chrome plated or nitrided saw blades to cut. Do not use titanium blade tools because many manufacturers In order to obtain high profits, evaporation plates are usually made from saw blades with poor material quality, so that the cut stainless steel pipes are deformed by heat. The tool must be constantly sharpened and it must be equipped with a special grinder. When you work a little carelessly, the saw blade will crack. Saw blade use is quite expensive.
Plasma cutting is an automatic plasma cutting machine, cutting speed is fast, but the inner wall is accompanied by a large number of melted and cooled metal residues, cleaning up is very troublesome. Most plasma cutting should be heated, so the stainless steel pipe port must be discolored, parameter adjustment is difficult, improper use is easy to damage the quality of the incision.
The quality of the water jet cutting is better, but the equipment is expensive, the use of electricity costs and other high cost, waterjet cutting stainless steel is not the best, because stainless steel is more sticky.
The last is laser cutting. This cutting method is powerful, cutting speed is fast and the quality is good, but the equipment is very expensive. It is suitable for large-scale and abundant capital processing plants.
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