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Quality management measures of pressure vessel manufacturing materials

Reasonable selection, proper storage and correct use of manufacturing materials are the prerequisite and basis for ensuring the quality of pressure vessels. This article makes some meaningful discussions on the material quality management issues in pressure vessel manufacturing, hoping to ...

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Research Progress on stress corrosion crack propagation behavior of cold worked nuclear power structural materials in high temperature and high pressure water


In the early nuclear power plants, the pipes were mainly made of 304SS and 316SS austenitic stainless steel, and stress corrosion cracking (SCC) often occurred in the cold working area of steel pipes. Transgranular stress corrosion (TGSCC) of welded core shroud ...

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Research status and development of high temperature and high pressure water notch fatigue properties of nuclear power materials


Corrosion fatigue is one of the potential failure modes of nuclear power materials in service. The results show that the fatigue life of materials in high temperature and high pressure water environment is significantly decreased in light water reactor (LWR). ...

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The role of titanium in steel

Titanium alloy aircraft turbine

Effect of titanium on Microstructure and heat treatment of steel ① Titanium has strong affinity with nitrogen, oxygen and carbon. It is a good deoxidizer and an effective element for fixing nitrogen and carbon. ② Titanium and carbon compounds (TIC) ...

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China’s iron ore surges in red-hot rally on supply worries

China’s iron ore prices scaled a fresh record on Monday as concerns over supply intensified, with stocks of the steelmaking ingredient at the country’s ports shrinking and investors worried about another Brazil mine dam at risk of collapsing. The most-traded ...

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Dalian iron ore hits record high on bullish demand outlook

China’s iron ore futures continued to rise on Monday after recording their best weekly performance in six weeks, buoyed by expectations of a robust near-term demand at steel mills amid strong profitability. The most-traded iron ore futures on the Dalian ...

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China’s iron, steel mix as trade tension ratchets up

China’s iron and steel futures mixed on Monday as investors continued to fret about slowing economic growth amid escalated trade tension between Washington and Beijing. The world’s two largest economies appeared at a deadlock over the trade negotiations on Sunday ...

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Dalian iron ore flat on demand concerns despite more supply shocks

China’s iron ore futures were shaky on Thursday as investors struggled between waning demand at steel mills and another supply shock after U.S. imposed new sanctions on Iran. The most-traded iron ore contract for September delivery on the Dalian Commodity ...

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Global iron ore prices to rise 11% on supply disruptions

International iron ore prices are forecast to rise 11.4 per cent in calendar 2019, buoyed by supply disruptions from key mines in Brazil and Australia and China’s fiscal stimulus seen as strengthening steel consumption. The prognosis is subject to downside ...

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China’s iron ore, steel futures slip on tepid demand

China’s iron ore futures edged lower on Tuesday as demand eased in the wake of a move to restrict production in top steelmaking city of Tangshan, but losses were modest amid hopes that steel mills will soon replenish their inventory ...

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