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The key to the transformation and upgrading of China’s stainless steel metal hose industry is innovation

At present, China’s metal hose industry is facing a situation of internal and external pressure. The industry’s turning point is approaching. Its extensive growth mode has already encountered severe challenges. The shortage of resource elements, increased environmental pressure, low-cost competition, and quantitative expansion have been developed. More and more difficult to sustain. At present, independent innovation has become the consensus of all walks of life. With the intensification of market competition, independent innovation will become the inevitable way for enterprises to reduce costs and obtain profits. Tongfeng Metal Hose believes that innovation is the key to transformation and upgrading, especially in manufacturing, and it is better to master cutting-edge core technologies and improve competitiveness.

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1. Technological innovation

At present, most of the metal hose products exported from China are products with relatively low technical content. These products are highly substitutable. If they do not improve the technical content and reduce the cost, they will soon be replaced by some countries with lower production costs. Replace. Technological innovation is also an application innovation, and companies must think about how to turn a technology into a product on the market. Nowadays, as people’s understanding of upgrading the level of China’s metal hose industry is deepening, more and more people in the industry realize that if the idea of “market-for-technology” continues, the industrial development space will eventually be eroded. China’s metal hose industry has developed to a certain level. The key issue at present is to tackle the problem, form the core competitiveness of the industry, get rid of the dependence on key technologies, boldly break through the key technologies of raw material defects and the core technology of cold forming, and increase the independent research and development. Strength.

2. Marketing innovation

In the face of fierce competition in the metal hose market, compared with multinational companies, local metal hose companies tend to be inferior in management, technology and brand, and are more inclined to adopt cost leadership, which is a low-cost growth strategy. . However, in the long run, the cost advantage should not be over-reliant.
Avoiding the price war, changing the low-end line to the mid-to-high-end line, and focusing on the industry chain is also one of the strategies. For marketing success, metal hose companies can increase the bargaining power of raw material prices and reduce the price of metal hose materials. Reducing the price of metal hose materials, it is difficult to achieve the efforts of only one company. In terms of bargaining power, metal hose enterprises must rely on industry associations to negotiate. In addition to price considerations, seeking the market is also a part of marketing innovation that can not be ignored. China has a broad market, and the near-water tower is one of the advantages of domestic metal hose marketing. In recent years, the Chinese government’s policy of stimulating domestic demand has been very intensive, and many domestic companies have benefited from it.
Today’s metal hose enterprises should strengthen market competition research, determine their own market positioning according to their own advantages, launch metal hose products that meet the market needs, reasonably priced, and obtain reasonable profits. This is the survival competition of metal hose enterprises. The road is not only conducive to the metal hose enterprise’s own brand building and sustainable healthy development, but also helps the whole machine, vehicle manufacturers and metal hose OEMs to establish partnerships and promote common development.

3. Brand innovation

After years of improvement and innovation, China’s metal hose industry has reached a more mature stage in technology, resulting in an increasingly obvious homogenization of technology and quality of products, and the brand has become a major consideration in procurement. In the brand building and brand advantage, the domestic Tongfeng metal hose enterprises are ahead of the domestic industry. But compared with multinational companies, the market value generated by brands is still unmatched.
In the metal hose industry, the vast majority do not have a special brand management department, brand construction lacks strategy, pays attention to short-term interests, and lacks long-term planning. The main reason for this situation is that many companies confuse brand appeals and product appeals, focusing only on product appeals and not paying attention to corporate brand appeals. In the metal hose market, the main driving force of domestic sales is the advantages in terms of products, services and brands. Brand is the intangible asset of a company, and it is the embodiment of the differentiation of production products of different enterprises. In addition to quality awareness and integrity, brand building must have clear high goals. Enterprises should develop a development strategy for corporate brands based on the height of the company.
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