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JIS G3462 steel tubes

JIS G3462 steel tubes


JIS G3462 steel tubes for boiler and heat exchanger By adopting chemical composition, the product can be divided in STB A12, STB A13, and STB A24,besides measures are taken to make sure there is no damage.

Chemical composition of JIS G3462 heat exchanger tubes(%):

Grade C Si Mn P S Cr Mo
STB A12 0.10~0.20 0.10~0.50 0.30~0.80 <0.035 <0.035 0.45~0.65
STB A13 0.15~0.25 0.10~0.50 0.30~0.80 <0.035 <0.035 0.45~0.65
STB A24 <0.15 <0.15 0.30~0.60 <0.030 <0.030 1.90~2.60 0.87~1.10

Mechanical behavior of JIS G3462 heat exchanger tubes (%):

Grade tensile strength kgf/mm²{N/mm²} yield strength kgf/mm²{N/mm²}
STB A12 >39{382} >21{206}
STB A13 >42{412} >21{206}
STB A24 >42{412} >21{206}

Size range: 

  • Out diameter:19.05-114.3mm
  • Wall thickness:2-14mm
  • Max length:16m

Application of JIS G3462 seamless tubes:

  • used for exchanging heat on the inside and outside of the tube, such as water tubes, smoke tubes, superherater tubes, air preheater tubes, etc. of boilers, and heat exchanger industries.
  • it is not applicable to the steel tubes for heating furnace and those for heat exchangers for low temperature service.

The main products of steel / steel grade:

  • JIS G3462 STB A12
  • JIS G3462 STB A13
  • JIS G3462 STB A24

Corresponding to international standards

  • ISO 9329-2:1997 Seamless steel tubes for pressure purposes-Technical delivery conditions-Part 2: Unalloyed and alloyed steels with specified elevated temperature properties.
  • ISO 9330-2:1997 Welded steel tubes for pressure purposes-Technical delivery conditions-Part 2: Electric resistance and induction welded unalloyed and alloyed steel tubes with specified elevated temperature properties.

Delivery Condition:

  • Heat treatment,Annealed, Normalized, Normalized and Tempered

Surface treatment:

  • Oil-dip, Varnish, Passivation, Phosphating, Shot Blasting
  • Painting as requested.

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