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Jiangsu Province to enforce tougher smog-measures

China’s Jiangsu province has pledged to take tougher measures to tackle air pollution over the next three years, targeting heavy industry, energy consumption and transportation in the east coast manufacturing hub. According to an anti-pollution action plan issued by the provincial government, the province will aim to keep the concentration of hazardous floating particles,PM2.5 below 46 micrograms per cubic metre by 2020. Last year, its PM2.5 reading was 49 micrograms.

The promise comes as China’s environment ministry accused provincial officials not properly enforcing anti-pollution policies, including by inflating cuts in coal consumption.

Jiangsu is China’s second-largest steel producing province with around 140 million tonnes of steelmaking capacity and is home to a range of heavy industry.

China’s official urban air quality standard is 35 micrograms, but the World Health Organization recommends levels of no more than 10 micrograms.

Jiangus plans to cut steel capacity by 17.5 million tonnes by 2020, ban new capacity in the steel, coke, primary aluminium, casting cement and glass sectors, and shut down all independent coke plants near the Yangtze River and Tai Lake area.
Source : REUTERS
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