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The installation of the pipe reducers

Pipe reducers, also known as reducing soft rubber joints, the main products can be used for metal pipe loose tube connection.

Pipe reducers mainly has good elasticity, large displacement, installation is convenient wait for a characteristic, the product can greatly reduce the vibration and noise of pipe system, can fundamentally solve all kinds of pipeline interface displacement, axial expansion and concentricity problems.

Reducing joint at the time of installation you will first need to pay attention to the following:

1Pipe reducers construction when installation, must let it in the natural state, not to artificially make products to produce artificial deformation during installation. So that you can avoid cause of early damage of the product and use effect. In a flexible rubber joint to prohibit overheating when installation displacement limit

2if you install the product design in the pump export proximal or corner part of the pipeline, and high pressure, high building dangling when using the product, the pipe must have a fixed support or fixed bracket, fixed supported and fixed bracket force must be greater than the axial force, otherwise the product should be installed pulled off limit device.

3Pipe reducers during installation, you must make a sphere at both ends to enhance circle (highlights just wire rope) all CARDS into the flange groove, prevent the pipeline pressure on the ball and the flange pulled off.

       4Pipe reducers with pipe flange connection, the bolt screw should be extended to pipe flange at one end, in order to prevent the thread will be compressed rubber joint arch part to squeeze inflation hurt or injured, must be symmetrical each side of the bolt pressure to tighten, make the tightness of all bolts are consistent, use conditions, in addition to increasing flat pad, spring washer should be added, to prevent the nut is loose.

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