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Imported Chinese rebars proves to be fabricated

The samples of rebar are believed to be produced by Jiangsu Shangang group of China. The samples were imported to United kingdom, where the tests were conducted under the guidance of Environmental Scientifics Groups, following the instruction UK Steel.

The reason that the samples could not pass the tests conducted in the laboratory is that the ribs exceeded  maximum height allowed, by the British standards.

Evidence shows that the rebars, which were imported are to be considered as, potentially noncompliant, unlabeled bundles of imported rebars.

Ian Rodgers UK steel director states , this gives an idea of the damage that could be caused due to the use of non European rebars. He also added that, all the imported rebars, especially the ones made in China, should be thoroughly checked before being used.

Independent checking is now being promoted in UK to avoid use of fabricated rebars by the constructors.

Source:Scrap Monster

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