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The important role of pipe cap

Pipe cap: welding on the pipe end or installed outside the pipe thread to cover wall pipe fittings. Use closed pipeline, function the same as the tube wall.

This kind of pipe cap for pipeline provides a partition, so they don’t spread to the outside world, the harmful material in pipeline is pipeline construction safety, the most powerful, personnel safety is the most effective protection. In a transport of dangerous substances, there should be more than one partition, to ensure that hazardous substance can’t be released due to the leak of one of the dangerous. That is to say, the pipe cap in the pipe system is not only one, but there are a lot of, can ensure the security defense work.

In daily life, often appear due to the negligence of construction personnel, forget to put back the pipe cap to pipeline after completing a job, thereby causing serious consequences, toxic, flammable, harmful substances will follow the open pipe of the air to the outside world, pose threat to people’s life safety. In the face of this situation, we have to double in the construction of more careful. Sometimes due to the needs of work, often will drain pipe, drainage pipe to pipe and so on in pipe cap removed, but after work is done, it is important to ensure that all unloaded pipe cap products to restore to the original position, the work is completed. In daily inspection of pipeline, also want to carefully check the pipeline pipe cap, to see if it has damaged and missing, if there is a problem, it is necessary to change in time, in order to ensure the safety of the pipeline. In the pipeline, to find those prone to leak, easy to cause the material or pressure release dangerous places, these places for double protection, can increase the number of pipe cap, accordingly strengthen the effect of partition.

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