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How to remove the surface burr of stainless steel plate

The latest process of removing burr for stainless steel plate is electrolytic polishing, which requires a complete set of electrolytic polishing equipment for production, such as power supply, rectifier, polishing tank, workpiece hanger, heating facility, cathode and anode materials, several rinse frames, and stainless steel electrolytic polishing liquid. Let’s talk about burr related knowledge of stainless steel products.
The stainless steel electrolytic polishing equipment with good quality is basically suitable for electrolytic polishing of all stainless steel and stainless steel. It has strong versatility, high polishing brightness and long gloss (stainless steel material can throw out the mirror effect).
The electrolytic polishing machine (power supply series) can be divided into the air cooling series and the water cooling series. The product structure is designed reasonably, the quality is reliable, the energy saving, the corrosion resistance is strong, the heat dissipation is fast, the electrolysis effect is good, the current and voltage are adjustable, the steady current, the steady pressure, the overheat, the over current protection, the buffering start function, the use of special integrated board circuit, and It has been treated with antisepsis, completely sealed, the output voltage range is 0-300V, and the output current range is 10A – 10000A.
The advantage is that electrolytic polishing is not restricted by the size and shape of the workpiece, and electrochemical polishing is suitable for the workpiece which is not suitable for mechanical polishing. For example, slender tube inner wall, elbow, bolt, nut and container inside and outside wall, polishing efficiency is high, good quality, in a few minutes can be thrown to mirror bright.
Stainless steel electrolytic polishing liquid is suitable for polishing all stainless steel and stainless steel. It is versatile and versatile (stainless steel material can be used to throw out mirror effect. It is widely used in mechanical manufacturing, electronic parts, instrument instruments, light industry and watch parts, military and aerospace, textile equipment, automobile zero parts, bearing industry, medical equipment and precision. Parts, powder metallurgy, metal stamping, handicrafts, tools and other industrial fields.
The operation process is to rinse the water after removing oil and heat the electrolysis polishing liquid to 55-75 degrees (using quartz rod or titanium heating rod) to stop heating after the requirement of temperature. Fix the hanger on the anode rod, open the power rectifier switch and adjust the voltage to 5-12 volts. The polishing time is from 30 seconds to 10 minutes (the fastest 30 second is to save the mirror effect).

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