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How to identify poor quality seamless steel pipe

Due to the excellent performance of the seamless stainless steel pipe, the use of the stainless steel pipe is very popular and the price is very reasonable. Therefore, in the downstream spot market, there are sometimes fake stainless steel seamless pipes, which is the fluid pipe. In fact, the pipe is treated high. Frequency welded pipe.
The treatment method of the high-frequency welded pipe is to use the special equipment or planning or grinding away the original weld. Another method is to hot-roll the welded pipe. Some unscrupulous merchants use such tubes to deceive buyers.
Here are the characteristics of this type of pipe. First of all, those that are shaved or worn off will leave traces, and some are still very obvious, sometimes more obvious after the rust removal with tools; this kind of pipe manufacturers are all marked on the quality certificate provided because they are afraid to take responsibility. The fluid pipe is not used to mark seamless pipes for fluids; merchants selling such pipes usually have to settle according to the theoretical weight, but the real domestic seamless steel pipes are beyond the standard thickness, generally weighing, and there are more professional ones. That is, to do flaw detection and component inspection, but these two methods are more limited because it is difficult to identify the hot rolled welded pipe.
The seamless stainless steel pipe is a heat-shrink processed product, and the appearance is also more beautiful so that the overall performance of the stainless steel tube can be increased.
The common welded pipes in the market mainly include straight seam welded pipe, spiral welded pipe, and seamless welded pipe. However, straight welded pipe and spiral welded pipe are very well recognized. The difference between seamless welded pipe and seamless steel pipe is mainly reflected in the following aspects.
First, the welded pipe is usually of a fixed length and is usually 6 meters, 9 meters or 12 meters. The length of seamless steel pipe is very small because there is a lot of fixed-length factory increase.
Secondly, from the cross-section of the stainless steel pipe head, if there is rust, wipe it clean. If you look closely, you will find the welding area. If pickling is done, it will be more obvious.
In addition, it should be noted that in general, thick-walled steel tubes do not exhibit welded pipe counterfeiting, and only thin-walled steel tubes are confusing. In fact, they can be distinguished. It can be observed whether the wall thickness of the stainless steel pipe is even, because the seamless steel pipe is made of perforated round steel, so the wall thickness of the seamless steel pipe usually deviates, and the welded pipe is subjected to welding wire processing or thermal expansion and other procedures, but because The raw material is stainless steel strip, so the wall thickness of the welded pipe is very uniform.
Source: China Stainless Steel Pipe Manufacturer – Yaang Pipe Industry Co., Limited (www.yaang.com)

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