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How to deal with sanitary pipe fittings after rust

Sanitary pipe fittings are used for a relatively high level of health fittings, the main material for the composition of stainless steel. Although it is stainless steel, stainless steel is also a time when the rust. Since it is sanitary pipe fittings, if it is rusty, then it can not be used as a health, so in the use of time must be to prevent the health of the pipe rust, the following describes several effective way to prevent sanitary pipe rust.

1, not in contact with other metals

Sanitary pipe fittings will be exposed to dissimilar metals and rust, such as fixed screws. At the beginning may not be very serious, you can use the sea or cloth, plus a neutral cleaning agent to wipe, it is also easy to clear rust. After cleaning must be careful not to let the cleaning liquid to stay in the above.

If the beginning did not pay attention to the late will show a serious brown rusty state. If this is the case, you can use some stainless steel cleaning solution or 15% concentration of nitric acid dilution after cleaning work. Of course, there may be a very stubborn rust, so you can use a stainless steel brush to wipe the wipe, and finally clean with a cleaning solution.

2, Sanitary pipe fittings affected by the gas caused by rust

In some factories or in the streets of a large number of traffic environment, the surface of stainless steel is very easy to pollute, and sometimes will show a small spot rust. Most of these conditions are affected by cars, cold and warm gas excluded by the rust. When the pollution is mild, you can use a neutral detergent or soapy water can be cleaned, but the serious time can not be simply handled. If you use this environment for a long time, then it is necessary to regularly clean the Sanitary pipe fittings.

3, the impact of the environment

Such as in the coastal area and other positive sea breeze blowing, stainless steel also hi in the short term produce red rust. But also faster than rust in other areas. If you can not avoid these problems, you can only slightly stronger corrosion resistance of 316 stainless steel, but also regularly do a good job cleaning.

4. Sanitary grade pipe attached to the cleaning solution caused by rust

If the neutral detergent can not be used to clean, the use of cleaning liquid to clear.

5. Sanitary grade pipe due to hand or fingerprint caused by rust

If the neutral detergent can not be used to clean, then use sponge, cloth, and so on with organic solvents (alcohol, light oil, acetone, etc.) to wipe. This method can not be completely removed, and then use stainless steel cleaning liquid to clear. In general, a variety of cleaning methods to do after cleaning, you must do a water rinse.

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