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High Voltage “insulation flange” steel gate valves structural characteristics and installation considerations

For the friend that come in contact with the insulation flange, they is have a certain understanding for insulating flange. Insulation flange in industry, petroleum, chemical industry application is very extensive, it greatly promotes the development of the gas pipeline project.
A, high voltage insulation flange connection steel gate valve product structure characteristics,
1, steel gate is the wedge flexible disc structure, diameter falls within the scope of large caliber, is rolling bearing, friction small, on or off are more convenient.
2, because it is after quenching and tempering treatment, high pressure flange valve stem has a very good corrosion resistance and friction resistance.
3, can be designed into different standard pipe flange, and can meet the requirements of different users.
4, because the steel gate valve is produced by the use of special materials, therefore has the very good wear resistance, at the same time, also more resistant to high temperature, corrosion resistant, with a long life.
Second, the insulation flange installation should pay attention to what matters,
1, at the time of installation, insulation flange shall be installed within the 50 m, are not allowed to install where there are welding die.
2, if the insulation flange is to be installed within the 200 m, in the case of the pipeline have died mouth, to ensure the welding of die temperature within the local average temperature, such ability can guarantee the insulation flange work better.
After three, and the pipeline connection within 5 meters can’t set hanging pipeline, otherwise may cause damage to insulated flange.
4, if you want to use insulation flange measuring gas pipeline, to ensure its not to install in low areas of buried pipelines.
5, in order to guarantee the insulation flange for our better service, extend the service life of it, to ensure that the rise and fall of insulating flange pressure speed keep within 0.5 MPa.
After 6, insulating flange and pipeline connection, should be timely for the pipeline repaired mouth for anti-corrosion treatment, anti-corrosion treatment, the surface of the insulation flange temperature is not higher than 100 ℃.

About the structure and installation considerations to introduce how much. In a word, in order to make insulation flange can help us better, both in the installation and use of time should be done well note, this is the premise of guarantee the quality of insulating flange.

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