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High pressure reducing forming technology of the reducer

High pressure reducer‘s reducing forming technology is will be equal and reducer big end diameter of tube billet in shaping die, pass along the axial direction of tube billet, shrink along the cavity movement and metal forming. According to the size of the reducer reducer, divided into the one of pressing or more press forming.
High pressure reducer is characterized by carbon intensity is significantly higher than the same amount of stainless steel, has good toughness and plasticity, good weldability and corrosion resistance, etc.

High pressure reducer with a side is flat, favors the exhaust or drainage, convenient driving and maintenance, so the horizontal liquid pipeline with high pressure reducer in general. Reducing pipe roundness should not be greater than 1% of the corresponding end diameter, and the allowable deviation of plus or minus 3 mm; Reducer for diameter specification does not accord with the inner diameter of the process piping, should undertake the corresponding processing, reducing or hole enlargement if shrink tube, pipe should consider the pressure loss caused by this will affect the process.

In order to prevent the installation of reducer influence the distribution of velocity field, pressure loss, and reduce the measurement accuracy of electromagnetic flowmeter, the requirements of the central Angle alpha is not more than 15 °, as small as possible. There are divided into two concentric and high pressure, concentric reducer general use on the vertical pipe; High pressure reducer used in horizontal tube, and attention should be paid to indicate the top or the bottom flat.

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