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The heat treatment technology of stainless steel reducer

Stainless steel reducer in reducing deformation in the process of suppression and hole enlargement, according to different materials and variable diameter pipe fittings we need to deal with, and then also need determination by cold pressing and hot pressing, under normal circumstances, as far as possible by cold pressing, but the multiple variable diameter caused by the severe strain hardening, the thick or wall thickness of alloy steel material appropriate USES hot pressing.

Stainless steel reducer of the hole diameter molding process is to use less than the size of the big end diameter tube billet, used in die forming along the tube billet diameter hole enlargement, variable diameter hole enlargement process mainly solved the reducer not easy through reducing forming, sometimes according to the requirements of the materials and products forming, expanding and reducing method of combination.

Stainless steel reducer’s reducing molding process is will and head big end diameter equal to the size of the pipe into the forming mould, then along the pipe axis suppression, shrink along the cavity movement and metal forming, finally completes the reducer’s reducing process.

Because the size of the stainless steel reducer with heating after pressing tee, reduce material forming required equipment tonnage. Hot-pressing tee with wider adaptability of materials used for low carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel materials; Form of a process. Besides using steel as raw material to produce the reducer, the size of the specifications of department head can also be used steel plate stamping forming technology is adopted to improve the yield. Used by stretching die appearance reference stainless steel inner surface size reducer design, use after blanking punching die, stamping steel stretch forming.

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