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Gazprom expect tender on UO pipes for pipelines of South Stream called in Nov

Russia’s Gazprom is expected to call an international tender on 1.4 million tonnes of UO pipes to be used for No.3 and 4 pipelines of the South Stream Gas Pipelines as early as November. Last year, the international tender on about 1.4 million tonnes of UO pipes for No. 1 and 2 lines was called and Japan’s Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal got an order of 260,000 tonnes through its agents of Sumitomo and Marubeni-Itochu Steel.

This time, NSSMC through its agents of Sumitomo and Marubeni Itochu and JFE Steel through its agent of Metal One are expected to participate in the tender.

Economic sanctions have been implemented against Russia, and although machinery and products related to petroleum is applied, those related to gas are exempted. If the international situation over Russia will not worsen, Gazprom is seen to carry out the tender as scheduled.

Last time (No. 1 & 2), besides the Japanese mills, it is said that more than 10 companies including mills of Russia, India, China and so on participated in the tender. However, the mills awarded last time seem to be advantageous this time as well, and among overseas mills, Eruopipe in Europe and the Japanese mills will compete each other.

Previously, the Japanese mills were forced to compete under the adverse condition of a yen appreciation against the dollar. However, the Japanese mills will be advantageous this time due to the depreciated yen against the dollar. Accordingly, the Japanese mills are to aim at orders with more quantity than before.

Under the international circumstances over Russia, it is concerned about an attitude of international financial institutions for this tender. It is said that if financing does not run smoothly, there will be the possibility for the tender to be postponed.

Source – The TEX Report

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