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Various forms of stainless steel butterfly valves

The stainless steel butterfly valve, as a kind of component used to realize the flow control and flow control of pipeline system, has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, hydropower and other fields. In the already known butterfly valve technology, its sealing form is mostly sealed, the sealing material is rubber, ptfe and so on.

Categorize in structural form

(1) center seal butterfly valve

(2) the single-eccentric seal coal valve

Double eccentric seal butterfly valve

(4) three eccentric seal stamping valve

2. Classified according to the sealing surface material

(1) soft seal butterfly valve.

1) the seal is composed of non-metallic soft materials for non-metallic soft materials.

2) the seal is composed of metal hard material for non-metallic soft materials.

(2) metal hard seal butterfly valve. The seal is made of metal hard material.

3. Classified by seal

(1) force seal butterfly valve

1) resilient sealing butterfly valve. The sealing ratio is produced when the valve is closed and the valve plate squeezes the seat, the seat or the disc of the disc

2) plus torque sealing butterfly valve. The sealing ratio is generated by the torque on the valve shaft

(2) pressure sealing butterfly valve. The seal pressure is generated by the pressure of the sealing element on the seat or valve plate

(3) automatic seal butterfly valve. Seal ratio pressure is automatically generated by media pressure.

4. Classified according to work pressure

(1) vacuum butterfly valve. Work pressure is lower than the butterfly valve of the atmospheric calendar.

(2) low pressure butterfly valve. Nominal pressure PN < 1.6 MPa butterfly valve.

(3) medium pressure butterfly valve. Nominal pressure PN is 2.5-6.4 MPa butterfly valve.

(4) high pressure disc valve. The nominal pressure PN is 10. 0 — 80.0 MPa butterfly valve.

(5) ultra high pressure butterfly valve. Nominal pressure PN > 100MPa butterfly valve.

5. Classified according to work temperature

(1) high temperature butterfly valve. T > 450 C butterfly valve

(2) medium temperature disc valve. 120 C < t < 450 C butterfly valve

(3) room temperature butterfly valve. 1 40C < t <; 120 C butterfly valve

(4) low temperature butterfly valve. A 100 < t < 1 40 C butterfly valve

(E) ultra-low temperature butterfly valve. T < 100 C butterfly valve

6. Classification by way of connection

(1) the clamp butterfly valve

(2) flange butterfly valve

(3) ear butterfly valve

(4) welding butterfly valve

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