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The difference between butt welding and flat welding in stainless steel flanges

The difference between the flat welding and the butt welding of the stainless steel flange refers to the two welding methods when the flange is connected with the stainless steel pipe. The flat welding flange welds only one side, without ...

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Characteristics of flat welding flanges in stainless steel flanges

The advantage of flat welding flange in stainless steel flange is to save space and reduce weight. It can protect the joint part from leakage and has excellent sealing performance. The reduction of the size of the compact stainless steel ...

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Internal Quality Inspection of Large Diameter Flange

Large diameter flange is a kind of flange, in the machinery industry, chemical industry, wind power industry, sewage treatment industry in the general use and promotion, users get the praise and favor, large diameter flange widely used. Production process is ...

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Inspection and installation of flange

Inspection and installation of flange 1. Open the product package to check whether the main part of the list or the contract in line with the product, inventory the number of products. 2. Check whether the product surface pits, scratches, rust ...

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How to properly use stainless steel blind flange

Stainless steel blind flange with the rapid development of domestic foreign minister pipeline construction, pipeline pressure test become an indispensable important link, in before, during and after the test must be conducted for each section of the pipeline ball-passing sweep line, ...

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Dislocation in the Installation of carbon steel flanges

As the match of the two carbon steel flanges can not be absolutely concentric, leading to carbon steel flange sealing surface is not parallel. So tighten the bolt when the carbon steel flange bending moment, so that the force carbon steel flange ...

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