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The most practical 6 solutions for flange corrosion

The integrity of the flange connection is critical to the delivery of fluid piping systems. Whether it is a piping system that transports chemical media (such as hydrocarbons) or a water supply line, flange connection leakage can cause serious environmental ...

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Failure analysis of acid washing corrosion of stainless steel flanges

Stainless steel flanges are widely used in ship pipeline engineering because of their good corrosion resistance. As an important part of pipeline connection, they have the advantages of convenient connection, easy to maintain pipeline sealing performance, and easy inspection and ...

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Flat welding flange and butt welding flange

What is a flat welding flange? A flat welded flange is a type of flange that is joined to a vessel or pipe by a fillet weld. It is an arbitrary type of flange. According to the degree of integrity ...

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The difference between cast flange and forged flange

What is a forging flange? Forging is a process in which a metal is plastically flowed to form a desired shape. The metal does not change in volume after plastic flow by external force, and the metal always flows to ...

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Standard and selection of stainless steel flanges

Stainless steel flanges are mainly made of two kinds of flat welding flange and butt welding flange, each with rings and rings. When flange dimensions are used to determine flange dimensions, the nominal diameter and nominal pressure of the flange ...

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Defects and solutions of stainless steel flanges in processing

In the production and processing of stainless steel flanges, no matter what kind of processing methods will be used in some defects, although the defects can not be 100% to eliminate points, but as long as carefully grasp the method, ...

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The process of forging flange

The production process flow of forging flange: the process of forging process is composed of the following procedure, which is to select the high quality steel billet, heat, shape and forge to cool down. The forging process has a free ...

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Method of Making Large Diameter Flange

The manufacturing method of large diameter flange is usually made of steel plate cutting, cold bending or rolling, and then it is machined by large vertical lathe. The standard size of large diameter and the size of the standard are ...

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How to judge the flange was corroded

Flange in the use of industrial structures, mainly to improve the role of the connection, and to keep the seal of the pipeline no leakage, but many of the national standard flange after the use of a period of time ...

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The distinction between forged flange and cast flange

Flange manufacturing process, including forging and casting two processes, the two of them in the end what is the difference? Different in craftsmanship Forging flange process: forging is the metal heated to soften the state, through the external force hit, ...

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