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Flange requirements and technical parameters in production and use

The flange is placed between the sealing surfaces of the two flanges. After tightening the nut, the specific pressure on the surface of the gasket reaches a certain value and then deforms, and fills the unevenness on the sealing surface to make the joint tight. A flanged joint is a detachable joint. There are holes in the flange, bolts can be worn to make the two flanges tightly connected, and the flanges are sealed with gaskets. According to the connected parts, it can be divided into container flange and pipe flange.
Flanges are often used when the medium temperature and pressure are not high and the medium is corrosive. When the medium is corrosive. Rare integral flanges have flanges and butt weld flanges. Flange fittings are flanged (flange or splicing) fittings. It can be cast, and the flange is mainly a part that connects the pipe to the pipe. According to the structure type. It can also be constructed by screwing or welding. Flange joints consist of a pair of flanges, a gasket and a number of bolts and nuts.
The main functions of the flange are divided into the following categories:

  • The pipeline has a fault, which is easy to disassemble and detect.
  • Connect the pipeline and maintain a good sealing performance of the pipeline;
  • If there is a problem with a certain section of pipeline, it is convenient to replace a certain pipeline;

Flange has certain technical requirements and technical parameters in production and use, and is produced and processed according to certain methods and methods:

  1. The butt weld of the ring shall be subjected to post-weld heat treatment and 100% ray or ultrasonic flaw detection, and the radiographic inspection conforms to the Class II requirements of JB4730, and the ultrasonic flaw detection meets the Class I requirements of JB4730. The welding flange is manufactured and processed with certain welding standards and techniques, in line with the corresponding production standards and requirements of the country.
  2. The steel plate of the production flange should be ultrasonically flawed, no delamination defects, to ensure good quality and performance problems, production and inspection according to certain quality requirements, to ensure that there is no quality problem in the production and use of steel plates;
  3. It should be cut into strips along the rolling direction of the steel, and be welded into a ring shape by bending, and the surface of the steel will form a cylindrical surface. In the production of butt welding flanges, steel plates shall not be directly machined into neck flanges, and they shall be fabricated and processed by a certain process.

Source: China Stainless Steel Flanges Manufacturer – Yaang Pipe Industry Co., Limited (www.yaang.com)

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