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Flange assembly with y type tee

If fast loading y type tee up and down hole measured data has certain deviation, should make the mark in the appropriate position, so that the assembly of the flange, flange into or out in the corresponding position adjustment, in order to ensure fast loading y-shaped three-way mouth keep parallel up and down after the flange assembly.

Circle fast loading y-shaped three-way head and branch Angle, regardless of combined seam which way connection, will be have some error after the production. Error of a variety of with a template or steel protractor to checking and measuring. If the error is not big, branch pipe fluently flange according to conventional methods, assembly adjustment measures in matching on the 90 ° long radius elbow; If the error is larger, it is the branch pipe flowing and 90 ° at both ends of the long radius elbow, using the adjustment quantity of stainless steel flange flanging HG20621-97 to ensure that its Angle accurately.

Y type tee and flange with round fast assembly, general will head up and down after a chip flanged ball valves set into the mouth, first find is riveting head next mouth, then find is riveted its flowing. If some mouth parallelism error from top to bottom, to be reserved for mark according to the measurement and adjustment of the flange in or out, conform to the requirements after riveting.

Riveting 90 ° long radius elbow, if with the combination of fast loading y-shaped three-way Angle error is not big, can be 90 ° riveting first one end of the long radius elbow’s flange, with 3 ~ 4 bolts with the only fast loading Y type tee branch pipe connection, make the two flange clearance, with a large square or drop hammer suspension wire with lines measuring the 90 ° long radius elbow at the other end verticality of flange to the platform, with adjustment into or out of the flange, make it vertical as shown in figure (b).

Flange assembly with Y type tee

To confirm after 90 ° long radius elbow’s flange end verticality, but after coloring pen mark in the circumferential direction, remove bolts according to the drilling line after riveting. And the stainless steel flange percussion with a draw.

Finalize the design circle fast loading Y type tee with flange is faster than the general assembly of Y type tee is more easy and convenient. Round head and sealing plate type fast loading Y type tee branch pipe are round straight pipe, flange is easy to put on.

Flange assembly with Y type tee

A chip flanged ball valves inside edge and duct wall joint is better; And plug type circle fast loading y-shaped three-way managers for circle variable diameter tube, and the branch pipe is straight, branch pipe and joint adopts riveting head, its Angle won’t appear too big change. As shown in figure 9-5 (b). More than fast loading of flange assembly with Y type tee, can be a chip flanged ball valves are directly drilling after riveting, if there is a little deviation Angle, for in matching the 90 ° long radius elbow to do some adjustments when riveting.

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