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Stainless Steel Flanges
Fittings prologue

Fittings prologue

What is the manufacturing process of ASTM A234 WPB pipe fittingsPipe fittings are made from pipes, plates and forging material, which are used to change of direction & connected pipe size and diverge from main piping service.

General scope :

Petro, General chemical plant, shipbuilding construction, Offshore plant, Nuclear power plant and so on.

Classification by joint method

B.W (Butt Welding) By welding two parts’s end which having a bevel end preparation.
( This method is very economical way to maintain for large size piping )
S.W (Socket Welding) This method is usually used for small size below 2″(50A)
( It’s very useful method for igniting, noxious and radioactive liquid
Thread Type This method is usually used for small size below 2″(50A) by driving a screw.
Flange It’s very useful method for vessel, equipment, valve and process line which is required periodic cleaning.

Classification by Raw material

  1. Carbon Steel
  2. Stainless Steel
  3. Alloy Steel
  4. Duplex

The use of piping service

(1) Process Line – it is used to transport liquid between storage tank and process system. Service piping is used to support process line for transporation of vapor,air and water.
(2) Generally, service pipe indicate utility piping, but Utility piping means the line system which is used for combustion and oil in common sense.
(3) Most line systems of ship are made from Carbon steel using welding & threading method with pipe and piping materal.
(4) Transportation piping – it is usually very large size piping which transport fluid, slurries, gas ( like crude oil, petroleum, water etc ) through very long distance.
(5) Equipment piping – it is used to supply water, gas to maintain the line system of school, building, house and also to collect wastewater.

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