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Fatigue calculation of bellows compensator

Bellows compensator design fatigue calculation of the fatigue life of bellows compensator failure types and causes of analysis can be seen that the plane stability of bellows, circumferential stability and corrosion resistance are related to its displacement namely fatigue life. The fatigue life of low will be led to the decrease of the bellows stability and corrosion resistance. According to the test and use of the experience, the fatigue life of bellows used in heating engineering should not less than 1000 times.

The bellows can not be loaded, should be hoisting separately; In addition to the predeformation of pretensioning or cold tightening, it is strictly forbidden to adjust the installation deviation of the pipe by means of the corrugated tube deformation. The installation process does not allow the welding slag to splash into the surface of the bellows and other mechanical damage; Bellows all active components shall not be jammed by external components or restricted to normal work.

Most of the corrugated pipe failure was caused by external environment corrosion, so the structure design of the compensator, can consider to isolate external contact with corrugated pipe corrosion medium. As for the finale to type compensator in the outlet ring packing seal device with increased between the outlet pipe, its function is equivalent to the sleeve compensator, can resist the invasion of external corrosion medium, and added a safety barrier to bellows compensator, even if the corrugated pipe damage, compensator Can also be compensation effect and avoid corrugated pipe failure.

Source: China Bellows Compensator Manufacturer – Yaang Pipe Industry Co., Limited (www.yaang.com)

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