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The factors influencing price of reducer

On both ends of the reducer is also called the reducer, pipe diameter, used to connect different diameter tubes or variable diameter flange. Concentric reducer at both ends of the tube, circle, on the same axis diameter changes, in terms of axis of pipe position, the position of the pipe is changeless, commonly used in gas or liquid vertical pipe diameter changes.

Price according to the diameter and the material is not different, has the certain calculation formula of the specifications of the reducer with the diameter of the big times the diameter of the small mouth, such as a diameter of 400 and 200, respectively, with 400 * 200, said the wall thickness also affects the price of their products.

Products are divided into concentric reducer and eccentric reducer, used for different diameter of pipe connection, in the transition between the main and branch pipe bend them is required. Concentric reducer is big is small sip concentric circle, in the straight pipe connection, can’t change the direction of the pipeline, two circle is not concentric reducer, eccentric reducer processing technology is relatively concentric reducer some hard, so the price is in the process of production.

Carbon steel material, the material such as stainless steel, carbon steel reducer usage of the biggest, the general said carbon steel products cheaper price, accessories production use, because of the carbon steel as the raw material price is not expensive, so the production cost and product price is very cheap, the price of the bend is not fixed, calculated according to the size of the diameter, the bigger the diameter of the product price is more expensive, so at the time of purchase products to clear the required diameter and material of the wall thickness, in order to get the most reasonable reducer quotation.

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