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EU extends duties on steel pipes and tubes from Russia and Ukraine

Following an investigation the European Commission decided the existing anti-dumping measures on Russian and Ukrainian imports of seamless pipes and tubes should stay in place for another five years to ensure fair conditions for EU producers. According to the Commission, the duties range from 24.1% to 35.8% for imports from Russia and from 12.3% to 25.7% for imports from Ukraine. The decision is another example of the continued Commission’s commitment to creating a level playing field for EU steel industry, with 52 trade defence measures currently in place on steel and iron products.

The investigation to review of the measures was conducted upon request from the European Steel Tube Association (ESTA). It showed that significant dumping from both Russia and Ukraine had continued over the previous period (over 30% for Russia, and over 20% for Ukraine) and, if the measures were to lapse, it is likely that significant quantities of dumped Russian and Ukrainian exports would again be directed to the EU market threatening the EU pipe and tubes producers, based among others in Czech Republic, France, Germany and Italy.

The Commission said that the decision helps therefore preserving jobs in a sector that employs today over 13,000 Europeans.
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