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Duplex 2304 S32304 1.4362 Mechanical Properties By yaang.com

Duplex 2304 S32304 1.4362 Mechanical Properties By yaang.com

Duplex 2304 is a 23‰ Cr, 4‰ Nickel, Mo free duplex stainless steel (23.04). We hold stock of duplex alloys in plate, flanges, pipes, and bars from our warehouse in the CN. We often meet specialist alloy profiling requirements and are a global supplier.
The alloy lean duplex 2304 has similar corrosion resistance properties to 316L. Furthermore, its mechanical properties i.e. yield strength, are twice those of 304/316 austenitic grades. This allows the designer to save weight, particularly for properly designed pressure vessel applications.
The alloy is particularly suitable for applications covering the -50°C/+300°C (-58°F/572°F) temperature range. Lower temperatures may also be considered, but need some restrictions, particularly for welded structures.
With its duplex microstructure, low nickel and high chromium contents, the alloy has improved stress corrosion resistance properties compared to 304 and 316 austenitic grades.
Tensile Strength Properties (Minimum Values)

°C Rp 0.2
Rp 1.0
20 400 440 600
100 330 365 570
200 280 310 530
300 230 260 490

°F YS 0.2%
YS 1.0%
68 58 64 87 25
212 48 53 83 25
392 41 45 77 20
572 33 38 71 20

Values obtained for hot rolled plates (th ≤ 2”). Duplex 2304 (S32304 1.4362) must not be used for a long time at temperatures higher than 300°C (572°F), where precipitation hardening phenomenon occurs.

Toughness Values (KCV Minimum Values)

Temp.   -50°C +20°C   -60°F +70°F
Single   75 J/cm 90 J/cm   54 ft.lbs 65 ft. lbs
Average (5)   90 J/cm 150 J/cm   65 ft.lbs 87 ft.lbs

Hardness (Typical Values)

Average (5) HV10 180-230 HB : 180-230 HRC _ 20


Duplex 2304 is generally used in the same applications in which Alloys 304 and 316L are used.

Some examples of these applications include:

Chloride containing environments
Welded pipe systems within the Pulp and Paper, Chemical and Petrochemical, and Water Treatment industries

Heat exchanger tubes

Duplex 2304 Pipe

Architecture, building, construction
Pressure vessels
Caustic solutions, organic acids
Food industry

Source: Zhejiang Yaang Pipe Industry Co., Limited (www.yaang.com)

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