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The difference between cold drawn pipe and cold rolled pipe

At present, China made stainless steel seamless pipe technology is divided into cold drawn pipe and cold rolled pipe, the process of the two pieces of what is the difference, use the same? Here we make a brief introduction.

Seamless cold drawn pipe we usually say to pull the pipe, is to use the abrasive pipe to support large, support round. Cold rolled on the contrary, there are fixed outside the mold, the hole has a fixed mandrel, from the outside to make his thickness thinning. Before pulling the pipe annealing, cold rolling will not. Pull pipe is in the pipe after annealing, broaching a road reaming after reducing the production of stainless steel seamless pipe, compressive strength, flexibility, and process performance, etc. are better than the ordinary pipe.

Now in the production of stainless steel seamless pipe in Zhejiang Province is commonly used when the drawing of the production technology, but the production of higher efficiency 2 roller cold rolling unit appears, many manufacturers have the strength of the equipment, as expensive, generally Manufacturers to buy a small number. It is precisely because of their differences in production and processing technology, but also makes pull pipe and cold rolled pipe has the following differences:

A: The drawing pipe and rolling pipe produced by the product, although the industrial pipe, but the application of different areas, generally used for mechanical pipe pull, heat exchanger pipe, pipe engineering, and rolling pipe is generally used for construction In the fluid transport pipeline;

2: seamless pipe and rolling pipe processing methods and product quality is different; Laguan more processing processes, fewer defects, high precision, uniform grain size;

Three: the two prices are different from the pipe to pull the pipe to be slightly more expensive price;

Four: the current stainless steel pipe can only be limited to caliber 38 159 between the pipe, the other is still Laguan process. Due to the production process pipe size is relatively accurate. In the purchase of pipe, is the choice of pipe or pipe rolling, but also with the actual situation needs to choose.

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