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How to detect the hardness of stainless steel pipes By yaang.com

How to detect the hardness of stainless steel pipes By yaang.com

Hardness testing of seamless stainless steel pipes need to take into account its mechanical properties, performance and quality of this is related to the deformation of stainless steel as raw materials, stamping, cutting and other processing. Therefore, all seamless staineless steel tubes for mechanical properties testing. Mechanical properties of the test method is mainly divided into two categories, a tensile test,hardness test.

Stainless steel thickness greater than 1.2mm, with Rockwell hardness tester, testing, HRB, HRC hardness. 0.2 ~ 1.2mm thickness stainless steel pipe plate surface Rockwell hardness test HRT, HRN hardness. Less than 0.2mm thick stainless steel plate surface Luo Hardness tester with diamond anvil, test HR30Tm hardness.

Metal materials in the United States, the standard in on the hardness test has a prominent feature is the precedence Rockwellhardness test, supplemented by Brinell hardness test, Vickers hardness test uses very little the U.S. believes Vickers hardness test primarily. The research for metal and thin small parts test. Chinese and Japanese standards are also used three types of hardness test, users can thickness and the material conditions of state and choose one of their own to test the stainless steel pipes material.

Japanese stainless steel pipes on the tensile strength test and hardness test requirements and the corresponding Chinese standard forms the same value close to the Chinese standard reference here to see the traces by Japanese standards. Stainless steel hardness, the Rockwell hardness is a worthy priority to the use of equipment, simple equipment, easy to operate without professional inspector, the hardness value can be directly read, test efficiency,suitable for factory use.

On the use of Rockwell hardness testing hardness of stainless steel, stainless steel pipes standard generally provides for HRC and HRB two rulers. For the annealing stainless steel usually corresponds to each grade stainless steel varieties provides hardness values should not be HRB certain a large value, typically 88-96HRB range. As for the quenching and tempering of martensite stainless steel, generally corresponding to each grade stainless steel pipes variety, provides a hardness HRC is not smaller than a certain value, usually in the range of 32-46HRC Inside.

Provided only in stainless steel pipes with Rockwell hardness of HRB and HRC scale. In fact, Rockwell superficial hardness testing stainless steel also can be fully applied. Because its principle is identical with the Rockwell hardness tester, test power is relatively lesser. And its hardness can be easily converted to HRB, HRC, or Brinell hardness HB, Vickers hardness HV. The corresponding conversion tables in the company’s website can be found in these conversion tables from the U.S. standard ASTM or international standards ISO. For thin-walled stainless steel tube, thin stainless steel pipe plate, thin stainless steel, fine stainless steel wire, surface hardness of Rockwell will be very convenient. In particular, developed the company’s latest portable surface Rockwell hardness, Rockwell hardness tester tube, can be as thin as 0.05mm stainless steel pipe Plate, stainless steel and fine to 4.8mm stainless steel tube for rapid, accurate hardness, making it difficult to resolve the past in the country’s problems immediately.

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