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How to correctly use socket pipe fitting in pipe connection

Pipeline connecting the two pipes, pipe fittings and so on in the first place. some pipes have tube plate, also belongs to the category of pipe connection, socket pipe fitting material is very good, its precision is very high, so when the connection is still very good operation.
First, the characteristics of the socket bend
Its weight is very light, because its density is small, so the transportation cost is very low, and easy to install, it is very health no poison, its constituent materials are environmental protection, without any toxic substance, add it to the health of environmental protection performance is certified, it has a good high temperature resistance, even if the high temperature will not melt, its impact resistance is very high.
Second, socket pipe fitting standards and maintenance methods
Bearing pipe can be used in the production of different materials, different specifications and types of pipe are different using occasions, want to use the appropriate combined with the characteristics of it, long stored socket pipe fitting pieces to regularly check, it exposed for a long time in the outside part often should clean, get rid of some dirt, and then put them in a spacious room ventilation, do not heap together, not in open air, in the dry and ventilated place, must be in accordance with the requirements to the store.
Third, before the installation requirements
Before installing, be sure to see accurate bearing pipe standards, and see if it is installed correctly, at the time of transport have any wear and tear, prior to installation to eliminate some dirt, to be prepared for all prior to installation, some of the details, guarantee the quality of installation.
Fourth, socket pipe fitting valves
Bearing pipe valves can only do full open or full close, not can be used to regulate traffic, lest sealing surface is damaged, to prevent leakage of filler, socket pipe fitting of different quality and standard will be used in different projects, have their own value.
socket pipe fitting installation, can be directly installed on the pipe above them, is very simple, is also very good, do not need specialized technical personnel, as long as a little after training can, according to its structure to install, can be installed in the pipe of any position, more convenient operation and maintenance, it’s elbow when installation should pay attention to closure, to avoid leakage, affect the use of the pipeline.
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