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Control the quality of pipe bends

Pipe bends of complete sets of bending dies is adopted to bend, whether what kind of machinery and equipment, mostly use bend, mainly used in oil, gas, fluids, etc., on aircraft and its engines more occupies an important position. Common pipe bends are: intermediate frequency bend, butt welding pipe bend, etc.

1. The Pipe bends forming process of lubrication on the quality of the products: enterprise in traditional bend pipe production process, to get a better bend surface quality and will take a lot of ways, including: adopting more advanced high-grade Pipe bends machine, with higher mold intensity, or use the way such as lubricant.

2. Pipe bends the material of the lateral tensile, compression of the inside of the neutral axis location is different and Pipe bends method, when he worked in top bending type (compression bending) neutral axis in about 1/3 from the outer wall, the rotating bending (bend), neutral axis in two-thirds from the outer wall. So thin wall Pipe bends, the use of rotary bending method is useful.

3. The precision of the bending of tire is one of the factors affecting the quality of Pipe bends. When we bend in tire manufacturing, in addition to the size required control in a certain tolerance range, but also requires the user to when use according to select the curved bending diameter.

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