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Companies sue US Steel over Lafourche well

Multiple companies have filed suit against US Steel claiming one of their products caused the blowout of a well in Lafourche Parish.

Lloyd’s of London, Manti Exploration, Shoreline Southeast, Ankor E&P Holdings, Dune Properties, Manti Equity Partners, Manti, Manti Exploration and Production, Manti Exploration Operations, San Isidiro Development Company, Leeville West Energy, CC Bay, Winn Exploration, C. Douglas Jamba and D&C Energy Resources filed suit against US Steel in Louisiana’s 17th District Court in July. District Judge John LeBlanc will oversee the case.

On July 28th 2013, Manti Exploration pulled its drill from the well for maintenance when an influx of water began flowing out of the wellbore, according to court documents. After the well became shut in, the walls of the well started collapsing causing the drill to become stuck.

According to the suit, operators determined a casing failed because of a defect in its design. As a result the well suffered a blowout and was ultimately lost.

The plaintiffs allege the casing was unreasonably dangerous because of its design. Plaintiffs want a jury trial and are asking for damages, including the contract costs, lost equipment, cost to redrill the well, production delay and diminishing value of the well.

Source – Daily Comet

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