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Common sense of nut and screw By yaang.com

The nut is a part which is used for fastening the bolt or screw. The nut is a part which is closely connected with the mechanical equipment. Its variety, common with national standard, British standard, American Standard, Japanese standard nut, according to different materials for carbon steel, high strength, stainless steel, plastic and other several types, according to the threaded fittings product attributes corresponding to the countries of different standards, for ordinary, non – standard, (old) GB, the new national standard, American, British, German standard.
The diameter of the screw, screw diameter are is refers to the thickness of the threaded portion, in production and national standards, thickness tolerance and analogy belong to 10mm screws such as 11.7MM 11.8MM 11.75MM 11.5MM are made of 12mm screws, 9.7MM 9.75MM 9.68MM and so on.
The length of the screw: general flat, heavy head screw is calculated in accordance with the total length of the screw, the other hexagon head, round, hexagonal and other length is not even the head is in accordance with the length of the screw to calculate.
Screw specifications: many of the shops are multiplied by the number of times, such as M10*25 is also a 10MM thick, 25MM long screw.
Nut size: in order to use the number of screws on the thickness of the
The size of the pad to be used in the number of the thickness of the screw.

Screw standard: DIN (DIN) American Standard (ANSI, ASME) (ISO) International Standard GB (GB) standard (JIS).

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