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Common basic knowledge of pipe fittings By yaang.com

Pipe fitting is a part of connecting pipe to pipe line. According to the connection method can be divided into the socket type pipe fittings, threaded pipe fittings, flanges and welded pipe fittings four categories. Made of the same material as the pipe. Elbow, flange, three – way, four – way pipe and pipe, etc.. A place where the pipe is connected to the pipe, and the pipe is connected to the pipe end. The three way pipe is used for the collection of the four pipe; the other is the place where the four pipe is collected; the same is used for connecting the ground with two tubes of different diameters.
Pipe fittings are very large, but in our country, some of the difference, in Japan, whether it is a sample or information, pipe type a lot, all kinds of. If you want to give the next definition, I think that all the products through deep processing and production of products should belong to the category of tube. Japan did so. So, since it is a pipe to do raw material through deep processing into a product, so, this product has the dual characteristics of pipe and mechanical parts, is the combination of the two. Pipe is the necessary raw material, but the processing method of the pipe is a lot of, as long as the method of mechanical processing, it can be applied.
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