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Cleaning of stainless steel elbow and advantages of material selection

When the stainless steel elbow is corroded, a special cleaning agent is needed to remove the rust. And in the daily use of the regular cleaning. For example, when it is found that the surface of stainless steel elbow is dusty or easier to remove, it can be cleaned directly with warm water or weak detergent. Of course, soapy water is also acceptable. And when the surface of the stainless steel elbow is covered with trademark or sticky film, it can also be washed with weak detergent. The last thing to pay attention to is to rinse clean with water and dry cotton cloth to dry.

When installing the stainless steel elbow, it can be installed directly on the corresponding pipe according to the connection mode, and it is installed according to the position used. Usually, the stainless steel pipe can be installed at any position of the pipeline, but it also needs good operation experience. Attention should be paid to that the medium flow direction of the cut-off stainless steel elbow should be upward under the longitudinal valve, and the stainless steel elbow can only be installed horizontally. When the stainless steel elbow is installed, it needs to ensure good sealing performance, avoid leakage and affect the normal operation of stainless steel pipe.

The elbow is made of stainless steel because of its high corrosion resistance. Stainless steel materials are also one of the most powerful materials in the metal materials used in building. It is because of the excellent corrosion resistance of the stainless steel that it enables structural components to maintain the integrity of the engineering design for a long time.

Chromium stainless steel also has good mechanical strength and high elongation. It is easy to be processed into various components, which can fully meet the needs of architects and structural designers. All metals react with the oxygen in the atmosphere and produce a chrome oxide film on the stainless steel plate.

The corrosion resistance of stainless steel is mainly influenced by the alloy elements in the steel. The chrome is made of stainless steel material to obtain good resistance to corrosion of the basic elements, when the chromium content in the stainless steel up to about 1.2%, chromium and corrosion will occur oxidation, produce a very thin layer of oxide film on the surface of stainless steel substrate, the film can prevent the further corrosion of steel. Besides chromium, the commonly used alloying elements include nickel, molybdenum, titanium, niobium, copper and nitrogen, which can fully meet the requirements for the structure and properties of stainless steel under various uses.

Stainless steel material in the stainless steel elbow is a kind of interstitial solid solution formed in gamma -Fe, such as chromium and nickel, and belongs to a class of major stainless steel types. Its main characteristics are: there are at room temperature in non-magnetic austenite, its yield is relatively low, the plastic is relatively good, good welding performance, easy to exercise and hot forging forming; component characteristics it is contains a lot of chromium, nickel and other corrosion resistance elements, for example molybdenum, niobium and titanium.

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