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Classification of some application fields of stainless steel welded pipe

Stainless steel welded pipe is mainly used in landscape decoration, light industry, pharmaceutical industry, water supply and other industries. It is also applied to petrochemical industry. It usually selects medium and low pressure pipelines above the size of 159mm. Besides, the automobile muffler can also be made of stainless steel welded pipe.

Stainless steel seamless pipes are mainly used in chemical industry, fertilizer, chemical fiber (three), oil, power boilers, machinery, aerospace, nuclear industry, defense industry and other demanding industries.

Oil drilling can be made of stainless steel pipes, stainless steel non-magnetic drill collar, high resistance CO, CO2 and Cl- corrosion super ferrite stainless steel Cr13, Cr25 and other oil and casing are used in oil field drilling, but most of such stainless steel pipes still rely on imports.

Stainless steel pipe for thermal power boilers

Heat – resistant and stainless steel austenitic steel boiler tubes are used in thermal power boilers. 1 tons of 600 thousand kW supercritical thermal power unit boiler need 200-500 tons of rust resistant steel tube, which is also more dependent on import.

“Three” industrial use of heat-resistant stainless steel tubes

The heat resistant stainless steel pipe is mainly used for heat exchange and fluid transportation in the “three industry”. The market capacity is the largest, and the domestic market demand is about 160 thousand tons per year. And the requirements of this kind of stainless steel pipes are very strict, and it is also necessary to meet the requirements of the import. The potential market is used to transport oil pipe pipe and low temperature cracking furnace of large diameter, heat and corrosion resistance because of its special requirements and equipment installation and maintenance inconvenience, and requirements of equipment life cycle is long, through the material properties and performance optimization control of material composition and special heat treatment. The other potential market is the special steel pipe for the fertilizer industry (urea and phosphate), the main steel types are 316Lmod and 2RE69. At present, the above stainless steel tubes are basically imported.

Duplex stainless steel pipes (fluid, heat exchanger)

The duplex stainless steel is mainly used in chemical and chemical fertilizer fields. Its characteristics are good stress corrosion resistance and the application temperature is less than 350 degrees C. Because of its high strength, resistance to stress, corrosion resistance and economy, duplex stainless steel pipes are now used in the manufacture of heat exchangers and fluid tubes.

Source: China Stainless Steel Pipes Manufacturer – Yaang Pipe Industry Co., Limited (www.yaang.com)

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