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Chrome steel Pipe Fittings and stainless steel pipe

Possessing an massive expertise, we’ve got acquired huge area know-how in the area of manufacturing, importing and exporting a large assortment of industrial Pipes and Fittings, Industrial Fasteners and Flanges & other Industrial Supplies.

Inside our range, Zhejiang Yaang Pipe Industry Co., Limited provide Equal Tee , Stainless Steel U Tube, Butt Weld Fittings, Forged Pipe Fittings, Forged Flanges, Metal Fastners and Stainless steel Anchors.Metal pipes and pipe fittings are popular in houses and industrial purposes for carrying water, flammable gases, fire sprinkler systems, etc. As steel pipes have a tendency to rust, they are often mixed with many other materials to increase its durability making it rust resistant. We manufacture and export www.yaang.com like Chrome steel Pipe Fittings, Carbon Metal Pipe fittings, alloy metal pipe fittings etc., that are worldwide accepted. Made with precision, these fittings provide dimensional accuracy, high tensile strength and also durability standards. Further, our range is available in various sizes and specifications as essential for clients. Alternatively, the martensitic stainless steel pipe may further contain Si, Mn, P, S, and Al within a suitable content range. The martensitic stainless steel pipe may further contain several selected from the group consisting of 4% or fewer of Cu, 4% or fewer of Co, 4% or fewer of Mo, and 4% or fewer of W and more than one selected through the group consisting of .15% or fewer of Ti, .10% or fewer of Nb, .10% or less of V, .10% or less of Zr, .20% or less of Hf, and .20% or fewer of Ta on a mass basis.

To be able to satisfy such a request, the actual inventors variously examined the end results of chemical compositions of martensitic stainless steel pipe, particularly a 13Cr-type martensitic Long Radius Elbow on hot workability, toughness,tempering temperature, as well as the straightening treatment by way of a straightener. As the result, the next findings (a) to (c) were obtained. (a) The recent workability along with the toughness of an martensitic metal pipe might be enhanced by controlling the chemical compositions, particularly, the valuables in C, Mn, N and Al. (b) Particularly, on the list of above-mentioned elements, by reducing the information of Al to some specified range, how much carbides precipitated in grain boundary, especially the M23C.sub.6 type carbide, is extremely minimized, and thetoughness is greatly improved. (c) Since Nb, Mo and V can raise the tempering temperature by an inclusion of trace amounts thereof, a high temperature exceeding 510 degrees C. can be ensured even in the case of performing a straightening treatment by a straightener successively totempering treatment, and so the influence of working with the straightener could be suppressed. In order to handle such problems, for instance, Japanese Unexamined Patent Application Publication No. 9-316611 discloses martensitic stainless-steel developing a C content of .02% or less, an N content of .07% or less, a proper Cr content, an appropriate Ni content, as well as an appropriate Mo content.

The Cr content, the Ni content, and the Mo content are adjusted in relation to the C content or even the C content and the N content and also the Ni content as well as the Mo content are adjusted regarding the C content and the N content. A martensitic stainless steel flanges manufactured while using steel disclosed on this document is superior in CO2 corrosion resistance, resistance to stress corrosion cracking, weldability, as well as-temperature strength as well as the toughness of a welded area of the pipe is high. The following new problem has recently arisen: a problem in that cracking is situated heat-affected zones (hereinafter called HAZs) of martensitic stainless-steel pipes that is subject to girth-welding in environments containing CO2.

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