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The characteristics of three kinds of stainless steel pneumatic ball valves

Stainless steel pneumatic valve is made of stainless steel material with pneumatic actuator Pneumatic ball valve, although stainless steel is very much, but the most common stainless steel ball valves are basically made of 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, the characteristics of the pneumatic ball valve is a strong corrosion resistance.

A stainless steel pneumatic ball valve closes tightly only with a 90 degree of gas rotation and a very small moment of rotation. The ball valve is characterized by its compact structure, easy operation and maintenance. The stainless steel pneumatic ball valve is widely used in pipelines conveying water, solvent, acid and natural gas. It is also suitable for pipeline transport in medium, such as oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, methane and ethylene, in the medium of bad working environment.

More types of stainless steel ball valve, in the form of the structure can be divided into three kinds, the first is the stainless steel floating soft sealing valve, also called floating pneumatic ball valve, stainless steel ball valve ball is floating in the medium under pressure, the ball can generate some displacement and pressed the sealing surface in the outlet end, and to ensure that exit seal.

The structure of the stainless steel floating ball valve is relatively simple, and its sealing performance is relatively good. However, the load that the sphere bears the working medium is all passed to the export seal ring, so we need to consider whether the material of the sealing ring can withstand the working load of the ball medium. This structure is mostly used in medium and low pressure stainless steel ball valves.

The second kind is the stainless steel fixed ball valve, also called the fixed ball pneumatic ball valve. The ball of the stainless steel ball valve is fixed and does not move after being pressed. The stainless steel fixed ball valve has the floating valve seat. The valve seat moves after the pressure of the medium, so that the seal is pressed on the ball to ensure the seal. In general, and the sphere of the upper and lower shaft with bearings, operating torque, suitable for use in high pressure and large diameter of the valve.

The third kind is the stainless steel ball ball valve, also called the elastic ball pneumatic ball valve, the ball of the stainless steel ball valve is elastic. The ball and seat gasket are made of metal material. The sealing ratio is very high. The pressure of the medium can not meet the requirement of sealing. We must exert external force. This kind of valve is suitable for high temperature and high pressure medium.

The elastic ball of the stainless steel is an elastic groove on the lower end of the inner wall of the sphere, thus getting the elasticity. When the channel is closed, the wedge head of the stem is used to make the sphere open and the seat press tight to get the seal. Before rotating the ball, the wedge head is loosened first, then the sphere is restored to the original shape, resulting in a small gap between the ball and the valve seat, which can reduce the friction and operation torque of the sealing surface.

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